Monday, March 8, 2010

Thursday, February 18, 2010

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

some ducks, and some possibilities

For my midterm i bounced around a few ideas, but i really wanted to create a "game." By a game, i mean something that is more like an interactive interface. The basic idea is to have it be an interactive fortune teller to decide how the fate of the user's life will play out. When i was thinking of the basis of the game, i thought of the ducks in a pond game and county fairs, where you throw a hoop and win a prize. Each duck had a different prize, this is were i took my next step and decided when the user clicked a duck, it would decide there fate. Each duck will be a button and over a background and will jump to a different animation about a certain fate.

Here are some screen shots i'm working on...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

An Interactive Experience... Mt. Ashland

I moved to Medford, OR in 2006 from Billings, MT when I was 16. Moving at that age was difficult, switching high schools, making friends, and learning a new area. When I lived in Montana, skiing and snowboarding was a way of life. Mountains that reach over 10,000 feet, covered in a dry white powder just seems to have a calling to me. I started snowboarding when I was about 14 and enjoyed it, but never really got into it. It was fun, but I was never quite as good as my friends. I stopped going to the mountain for about a year, then I moved to Oregon.

After moving to Medford, I started making some friends and a few told me about Mt. Ashland. It seemed like a pretty nice place to get back into the sport. It was close and accessible, cheap, and a challenging terrain to improve your skills. Well after making some decent money during my first summer, I went and purchased all new equipment and really got myself excited to get back on the snow.

My first time on the mountain it took a while to work the kinks out, but I was back to riding and was even improving from where I left off. From there it was just like a drug, the longer I was away from it the more it called my name to come back. Just thinking about carving my edge in deep powder gave me the chills as I sat in class. It had really become a lifestyle to me.

During my first season I made myself a play list from itunes; and there were certain songs that I would listen for how I wanted to ride. If I was taking my time, I wanted something smooth and flowing, but if wanted to bomb the run, it would definitely be more up beat and hard. From that point on, specific songs I would hear from my play list, no matter where I was would bring me right back to the mountain. It could be the middle of summer with a high of 90 degrees and I would close my eyes and could feel the freezing wind and the sharp sting of the snow cutting my face, as I would carve my line.

Mt. Ashland has really given me a place that I will remember for the rest of my life. No matter where I am, or what I do, certain attributes will remind me of the lonely little mountain in the Siskiyou Range.

new collages... old tricks

here are my new collages crafted by extending the stage, and playing with scale.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

more ding bats... excluding george bush

here are some more samples i've come up with...